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    • Revision of Group Accounts

    Q1 Consolidated Statements of Income AND of Financial Position – question Pedantic ( 31 ) subsid, but no associate
    Q2 Preparation of Financial Statements – any of the questions from the BPP
    revision kit (5) Winger through to (13 ) Pricewell AND questions 24 – 26
    Telenorth – Partway
    Q3 Cash Flow AND report (71 ) Bigwood
    Q4 Provisions and contingencies (51) Promail
    Q5 Impairment of assets ( 21 ) Advent
    (Numbers in brackets indicate questions to practice from BPP Revision kit)
    Please Note
    Tips should not be relied on – they are only intelligent guesses.
    Their only purpose is to give you suggestions for topics to concentrate on in your last few days of preparation. Do not exclude other topics from your overall preparation.
    Exam date:
    14 June
    Stephen Scott


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